5 Ways to Relax Before Bed

5 Ways To Relax To Sleep Before Bed

1. Meditate

Before going to sleep, it can be great to take some time to meditate. Meditation has been long used to banish anxiety and negative thoughts, which by doing so will help put your mind in a better state for sleep.

2. Read a Book

Picking up a book can do wonders for relaxing and setting yourself up for a long sleep. Just be sure it's something light-hearted and make it a physical book. Screens from smartphones and tablets that emit blue light can have a negative affect on our sleep. 

3. Listen to ASMR or Soothing Music

If you're like me, dead silence at night only makes my mind wonder even further and is far from relaxing – so is the TV blaring whatever sport my husband is into that night. Try listening to some music you love, put on nature sounds or a meditation playlist. Or if ASMR is your thing (or if you've never heard of it!) a quick search of YouTube will do the trick. 

4. Journal Your Day

If thoughts are circling your mind, maybe it's time to start a journal. Just by jotting down your thoughts and even maybe your mental to-do list, it can calm the mind and help you relax before sleep. Setting aside 10-15 minutes (or however long it takes to write down your thoughts) is all you will need.

5. Practice Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation with a Weighted Blanket

After a long day ever find yourself just flopping into the couch with a heavy blanket and having that 'ahhh' moment. Or do you ever wake up on a winter's morning under a heavy doona and feel a sense of calm and peace? It’s thanks to something called Deep Pressure Stimulation. It’s just like the feeling to get from a hug. Weighted blankets can simulate this feeling and set you up for a calm evening and a long sleep. Check out these weighted blankets and doonas here if you are yet to experience this sensation. 

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